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The Wandering Photographers

After graduating, my good friends Ted, Emily, and I started a photography project that we called The Wandering Photographers. The project was a wonderful way for us to document our lives on opposite coasts of the US. Many people showed interest in the project, and all three of us shared some of our favorite images on the site. Today, I’m re-releasing the project in it’s new form, and I couldn’t be more excited.

a new era

The Wandering Photographers grew amazingly when it was just Ted, Emily, and I posting, but I wanted the project to grow even more. It is today that I’m proud to announce that the photo project is now open source! This means that anyone in the world is free to take the code, and their own images, and I will merge it back in to the site.

I’ve written the site in Jekyll - which is a static-site generator. You can create a new post by adding a markdown file and adding your images. Jekyll will build a copy of the site and generate web-safe versions of your images.

I love the idea of anyone on the internet discovering the website and adding their own images. Open source software is such a powerful methodology for software, and now I’m bringing that thinking to a photography project.

I cannot wait to see your images.

Source code on GitHub

To get started, and add your image, I’ve wrote a quick guide in the README